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You know what to do... Use a pen and paper or copy/paste into Evernote/text to fill in the blanks below (or print a copy out here) without peeking at the story at the bottom of the post. Then scroll down and pop in each of your words into the story. Amazingness should ensue. :) xoxo
The Best Day Ever
Song _________________________________ 
Animal ________________________________ 
Superhero _____________________________
Drink _________________________________ 
Hashtag _______________________________ 
Place _________________________________ 
Musical instrument (plural) _________________ 
Something sparkly (plural) _________________ 
Plural Noun ____________________________ 
Verb __________________________________
Animal ________________________________ 
Plant _________________________________
Favorite actor/actress ____________________ 
Shape ________________________________ 
Noun _________________________________ 
Feeling _______________________________ 
Same celebrity _________________________ 
Body part _____________________________ 
The Best Day Ever
I jumped out of bed to the sound of _________ (song). Today was going to be a great day. 
I got ready, putting on my ______ (animal) Upitees. The ones that make me feel like __________ (superhero). 
I hopped on the ____ (mode of transportation) to head downtown. And that’s when the day stopped being normal. 
At the coffee shop, my favorite barista gave me my _______ (drink) for free. #______ (hashtag) 
Then as I walked towards ___________ (place), I was swept up in an amazing parade… In MY honor! 76 ________ (musical instruments), ____________ (something sparkly, plural), and giant balloon _________ (plural noun). All my favorite things. 
Well. Of course I had to _______ (verb) along for a block or 12. 
And wouldn’t you know it, the parade route ended right in front of my favorite restaurant ______ (animal) & ________ (plant). So I popped in for lunch. 
And it just so happened that __________ (favorite actor/actress) was dining there too. He/She/They were in town filming their next movie, The _____ (shape) of ________ (noun).  
Having just come from a parade in my honor, I was feeling super ______ (feeling), so I walked on over and asked if I could join their party. And _________ (same celebrity) said, “Yes!” 
As I basked in the witty banter and the unbelievable good fortune of this day, my phone’s ringer cut through the restaurant’s noise. 
And that was when I woke up from the best dream of my life, with a huge smile on my ______ (body part). 
Time to get up. You never know what the day will bring.
So. Have any awesome answers or stories? Please comment below, and we'll try to cobble together a "best of" from all LVEO's fans :) 


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