Dr. Seuss, Marathons, & Hair Bands

You know how much we love putting people and silly things in people's pants. One time it was Yoda, another time, Hans Solo. And it's not that we have a thing for Star Wars, it's just fun :)

This winter, we took it to the next level. Like maybe we got to put an 80s hair band in not one, but TWO brothers' pants! And it was their amazing Mom's idea! :)

Another Mom, who has long called her chilluns Thing 1 and Thing 2, got some big smiles with these gems:

We have to imagine, Dr. Seuss would be proud / In the pants of these siblings to be found! 

And last but not least, what better way to deal with all the race tshirts you accumulate than to turn them into your new Rundies?!? :)

Are you decluttering as part of the New Year? Learn about turning your own tees into your new favorite undies in the shop here, and on the blog from A's experience here.

Which are your favorite? Please comment below!

Kori & the team :)

P.S. You can see we've been working hard to get going on men's undies, and we're almost there! Make sure you're on our email list to get first notice and the chance to help test. Sign up at the bottom on the homepage.

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February 02, 2015


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