Join me on a 28-Day JOYride to Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body

Join us on a 28-Day JOYride to unleash your body's inner secrets

Maybe you just read my current thoughts about bodies and body image?

This September, I'm joining Aimee DuFresne as a mentor for her 28-Day Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body program. Aimee is a gifted coach and author and all around amazing lady on a mission to bring more JOY into the world. So of course we're working together ;)

Aimee is running a 28-day program where we'll dive deep into exploring the messages our individual bodies are giving us, ultimately releasing things that no longer serve us and making space to welcome the new and wonderful.

She invited me to mentor a week of the program earlier this spring, and I was floored by the program she ran and the ladies it attracted. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, but so powerful to do these kind of internal explorations with the support of the curriculum, Aimee, and the other incredible mentors.

The program is only open to 10 lovely ladies, with an early bird special of $100 off if you register by August 19. Click here for more information or to sign up!


If your interest is piqued, please read on below for more about the program from Aimee! I'm also here to answer any questions at


Are you constantly seeking perfection, only to end up exhausted?

Are you fighting a battle with your body? Maybe it's not doing what you want it to... Maybe it's holding some extra weight that won't seem to shake. Perhaps it's not running fast enough, or stretching into that yoga pose that everyone else seems to be doing so easily.

Is your body is not working the way it once did, or looking the way you wish it would?

Have you spent years dieting and running your body ragged with exercise and a steady stream of insults?

Do you eat your meals with a side of guilt, seasoned with condemnation? 


How would your life be different if you feel deeply, madly and truly in love with your body. In love with yourself?

Sound silly? It's simpler than you think.

This September, join a group of lovely ladies, dive deep into your soul with support to help you keep going with grace and ease and unleash more magic and miracles in your life.  


During the program, we'll be moving through one of the four elements each week. We'll fly off with Air Week, move through emotional tides of Water Week, ignite our inner light in Fire Week and float back down during Earth Week.  

You deserve to live the life of your dreams. You deserve to experience deeper love and greater joy. You deserve to manifest more magic and miracles in all areas of your existence.

But sometimes you get stuck, feel lost, alone and may be unsure how to keep going. Perhaps something is holding you back. You tell yourself that life will be better once you lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, or cut back on your favorite indulgences, like chocolate or wine.

The time to enJOY life is NOW. Join us for this fun-filled program and finally release the beliefs that are holding you back and feel more fabulous than you ever thought possible.  

  • Join the party and experience these benefits:
  • Fall in love with your life and your body (no depriving cleanses or green juice required)
  • Boost your energy and have more time to do what you enJOY in life 
  • Relax into life with more ease and less stress 
  • Unleash more magic and miracles 

You’ll also get to hang out with some lovely ladies and experts in health and wellness, make some new joyful friends, and take advantage of amazing offers and great giveaways during the course.

Meet our Magnificent Mentors: 
JOYride Mentors

Air Week: Panty Peddler Kori Jock of La Vie En Orange  

Water Week: Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and Best-selling Author, Lisa Selow 

Fire Week: Dancing Queen and Nia instructor extraordinaire, Tracy Stamper 

Earth Week: Best-selling author and Mystic Chef Meadow Linn.  




Join in the fun and open up to new possibilities. There are 3 Options to Play (along with early bird savings!) 

OPTION 1: I've Got This ($497 – save $100 when you book early) 

This option is for the woman who wants to swim through life with greater grace and ease. You work at your own pace throughout the course as well as check in with the Facebook group and interact with all of us mentors + participants for group support.    

What’s included:

  • 28-Day Workbook (PDF): Includes daily affirmations and options to play
  • Membership to online Facebook group for support and interaction 
  • Daily guidance on the Facebook group from one of the mentors
  • Access to giveaways and special offers during the course.   

OPTION 2: Let's Do This ($997 - save $100 with early bird option) 

This option is for the woman who wants more of a guided snorkeling session than a simple swim and aims to dive deeper. 

This package has everything in Option 1 PLUS kicks off with a 3-card Gateway Oracle reading to set your intentions soaring and includes 4 bottles of essential oils (1 for each element) for greater health and vitality as you move through the program as well as some other goodies to keep you going with grace and ease as you unleash more magic and miracles in your life.   

  • 3-card Oracle Reading
  • Signed copy of Keep Going: From Grief to Growth
  • PDF copy of Easy Gluten-Free Entertaining cookbook 
  • 4 bottles of essential oils (1 for each element) 
  • Chakra Balancing Card 
  • $200 off 28-Day Soul Coaching® Course or 21-Day Clutter Clearing Program (valid for 12 months)     

OPTION 3: Let's Go Full Out! ($1997 - save $100 with early bird savings) 

This option is for women who are ready for some deep diving and 1:1 support as you release what no longer supports you and unleash more magic and miracles in your life. Please note: only 5 spots are available for this option 

This package includes everything in Option 1 & 2 + the following:    

4, 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions (via telephone or Skype) 


What others are saying about the 28-Day Program: 

“Personally, this program has been such a gift to me, especially at this time. It landed when I was feeling quite stuck after receiving heavy news on the extended family front (Dad's diagnosis plus a couple of other doozies that creeped up at the same dang time). I witnessed myself get really stuck in stagnant water....... heavy, murky, zapped of energy, etc. To be invited into the levity of air --- so freeing! And then to re-immerse in water that was flowing --- healing! And to be reunited with my fiery spark --- YES! Then to ground and bring my dancing feet back onto the earth --- PERFECTION!” 

“I like the affirmations & I will do a repeat of this program for the next 28 days--it was wonderful.  Thanks.” 

“I WAS POSITIVELY BLOWN AWAY BY THE SYNCHRONICITIES OF THIS PROGRAM As in ------- WOWWWWWWWZA!!!!!!! I started making a list to share with you of the incredible cross-overs in terms of approaches, specific language, paradigm perspectives. After a couple of days there were so crazy many that I had filled up two pages of notes! I decided to let it go and focus on the program. ;) Aimee, it is UNCANNY! Love me some synchronicity!”

“This program is great. You can work at your own pace so to speak. Doing the work brings up a lot, which can be uncomfortable, but I know it's all for the best. I was actually sad when it was over. I’ll be going back through the material again in the future.”

“Such a beautiful blend of digging into the really tough spots while being held in the space with such JOY, Love and support. It felt like a very safe container.”

“I was truly wowed by this program. I was wowed by how the program itself and you held the space, by how you encouraged us to really go for it and dive deep, by how you were able to bring lighthearted levity into even the tough stuff days, by how powerfully vulnerable and vulnerably powerful your personal sharing was about what was coming up for you (I always so deeply appreciate knowing that my guides, mentors & teachers are taking the medicine themselves), by how you followed your intuition and knew when to share (e.g. sharing about body issues arising when you felt guided to do so, typically - as you mentioned - before you would share that information, to discover that others of us were navigating body issues too”

“It was so much fun and exciting to open Facebook everyday! I found that I was always so excited about what your personal share was and also about hearing from a mentor. I love that there were four mentors and that each aligned with a particular element. Having different voices come in to play brought additional spice!”

“So well-organized and planned and had great content.”

To join 9 other incredible women on this journey, click here.


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