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Just a week after International Women's Day, and all I can think about is what's going on in men's pants.  (Note:  I did think twice before typing that, but decided it wasn't so racy since I'm actually talking about underpants.  :))

So I'm working on branching out into men's undies.  My women's boy-cuts are doing well (have you checked out the testimonials?  People say funny things about underwear!), and women's briefs are on their way.

But I've never bought or made boys' undies before, so I'm looking for men who are open to answering a few questions candidly about their underwear triumphs and fails to help me get started.  It'll take 5 minutes or so, and I'd love your help spreading the word!

Take the survey here.  

Thank you so much! :)

You can also swing by the La Vie en Orange facebook page and share from there.

And if you have fabulous, cheeky ideas for spreading the word via twitter (I'm @VieEnOrange), please, please, please do!  :) xoxo

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Creativiting | lavieenorange

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