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Picture, if you will, my sister-in-law and I at a party on Saturday night. It was in a beautiful, I-swear-I-saw-it-on-Pinterest, super modern, yet way DIY loft in Portland, with 60+ gay men.

Did I mention there were only 2 other women in attendance?  A vision, right? :) This was my weekend.

But I had a wonderful time and learned so much over the course of several enthusiastic conversations even though they quickly turned into me being the person cornering my formerly enthusiastic conversation partner (Seriously.  At least 4 times during the night I realized I had trapped the person I was talking to. I pretty much just looked at my partner and said, "Go." I couldn't believe I'd become that person!  Part of my day job is saving our staff at social events when they get cornered...  Oh, how the mighty have fallen...  :)).

Anyway. Did you know that men (at least several in this group) have some of the same fit issues with their underwear as women?!?  

I guess I thought that since they didn't have birthing (or not-birthing) hips nothing would be out of proportion. But alas, no such luck, and they face undies that fit in the bottom but bundle at the waist too. No one is immune!

The men I talked to were floored about my passion for perfectly fitting undies (it knows no gender :)), and implored me to start making men's underwear.

I'm feeling super energized and inspired. So. Stay tuned :)

Have you ever talked to someone about a passion or interest and been met with immediate excitement and acceptance?  I'd love to hear more about it- please comment below!  :)

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La Vie en Orange
La Vie en Orange

September 22, 2015

Ellen! Thanks so much for your sweet words and support- and the link to your husband’s undies! It’s super exciting to learn more and more about what people are looking for. And congratulations on your mini-me! I can’t wait to see you both- I’ll be sure to be in touch :) xoxo

Ellen Glek
Ellen Glek

September 22, 2015

Congratulations on stumbling upon the next unexplored undie frontier! Just being in that loft sounds fabulous! My husband is an underwear snob, and fit is only the beginning.. he’s really a fabric snob and just recently got these, which he loves:

Next time you’re in Portland message me and we’ll do coffee/lunch! I will have a mini-me in tow by that time. Another little human to clothe and swaddle in perfectly fitting, tailored things! She’s due in 8 days.

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