Made in America?

So, how many things are you wearing that are Made in America? Made in America: The Clothing Challenge

When I first saw this video, I felt pretty proud- 75% of my clothes were made in America- pajama pants I'd made myself, a hoodie my Grandma had knitted, and an American Apparel tshirt.  

I must sheepishly admit that my undies were the only article that weren't!  

It's okay that I'm still working on changing out all my pairs as they wear out, right?

American-made poodle skirts from Distinctive Costumes

Having worked in a Halloween costume factory (Disctinctive Costumes- love their poodle skirts!) and with two generations of my family working in Ford assembly plants, manufacturing is huge part of my conscious.

Is the Made in America label important to you?

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Mot-i-vah-shi-on | | La Vie en OrangeLa Vie en Orange
Mot-i-vah-shi-on | | La Vie en OrangeLa Vie en Orange

September 22, 2015

[…] for the inside of my undies with care instructions, including, of course, the all important “Made in America” line.  Which means I’m one step closer to getting all the cut out undies out of my […]

Mot-i-vah-shi-on | lavieenorange
Mot-i-vah-shi-on | lavieenorange

September 22, 2015

[…] Skip to content HomeAbout Me.Contact Me. ← Made in America? Launch Date: April 7 […]

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