Shampoo Showdown: This Time it's Personal

Shampoo Showdown:  This Time it's Personal | La Vie en Orange

What if your shampoo was making your PMS worse?

This week we introduce a 3 part series exploring the relationship between your bathroom and your hormones.

It turns out there is shockingly, horrifyingly, disgustingly little regulation by the FDA or any other government agency when it comes to what you slather on your body, suds into your hair, or swoosh onto your face. (Do you ever make sound effects for your life? Swoosh that eye shadow on!)

And that means that lots and lots of companies are using lots and lots of chemicals that can disrupt your body's own, beautiful hormonal balance. You know, the thing that makes you randy, or keeps your skin clear and glowing, or helps keep your PMS from being crippling, or your partner's sperm count soaring.

Worst case, many of these chemicals can cause cancer. There isn't really a best case.

I've been thinking a lot about this stuff as I explore my own relationship with my fertility. We miscarried last summer, and it sucked. Sometimes it still sucks, but mostly, wonderfully, we're stronger than ever. Since we're both feeling a little less tender, I've been looking into ways to help us be Fertile Myrtle and Bertle (I'm pretty sure Fertile Bertle isn't a thing, but let's pretend).

So it turns out, cleaning out your shower, makeup bag, and cleaning cabinet can all help not only with hormone health and fertility (for everyone. Sperm count and sperm health are also super affected by this grossness), but also with long term cancer risk. There are lots of things to avoid and lots of resources to help you navigate the minefield. We'll be introducing you to lots of friends and foes in the weeks to come.

And even though I'm not a chemist, a biologist, or anything of the sort, it feels like this stuff is tangentially related to undies (I mean, we do make period panties...), and after 5 years of getting to know you, of serving you in this super intimate way, I just can't imagine a world in which I don't share this stuff with you.

Because it's too scary for you not to know.

I've got lots and lots of hours of research to back it up (I'll be including all my sources in the weeks to come), and while we won't be able to cover everything in just 3 more blog posts, you'll get enough information to start making more informed decisions about another part of your morning routine (we already know the most important thing you do in the morning is put on your Upitees ;) ). We have an interview to share, and lots of other goodies.

So. Here's to being informed, to making decisions for our health, the health of our families, and the health of our environments. I look forward to seeing you next week with more.


P.S. And just because it bears saying, I'm no chemical or science hater. I mean, yes, there is some comfort in ingredients you can pronounce, but that's mostly laziness. Everything in the world (except light and electricity), even natural cosmetics, is made of chemicals. But that doesn't mean that it's ok for our cosmetics and personal care products to screw with our hormones or make us more prone to cancer.

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May 19, 2016

Max, Thanks so much! I was really nervous about doing this, so I’m super grateful to hear that you’re looking forward to it! I’ll be even more interested to hear what you think over the next few weeks. Thank you again! <3

Max Hornick
Max Hornick

May 19, 2016

I’m glad you’re doing this. It’s hard to find the right resources for this type of info because there are so many biases out there; I look forward to reading your findings!

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May 19, 2016


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