The Mannies and Fannies take Vegas

See LVEO undies in this POOL trade show recap video at 0:18 (don't blink!)

Every once in a while, like the grand and silly Oz, we peel back the curtain and share a little bit about the entrepreneurial journey that is La Vie en Orange, and our mission (more or less) to get in everyone's pants. Well, every-wonderful-one.

This is one of those times. Our 5th anniversary is creeping closer (ohmygosh!), and while we typically share business-y musings and lessons around that time, this is more of a catch up with a long-distance friend. So grab a cup of tea (or a milkshake, you know, depending on your mood), and settle in for like 3 minutes, while we regale you with tales and photos of tradeshows, business trips to Vegas, and marketing masterminding (bananas are involved).

My business is somewhat seasonal, and in years past, I've taken January off to recover from the November/December holiday madness. Despite being depleted in Januarys past, this year, I felt great! I only took some time off over the holidays while our entire family from all over the country was in town (Crowded bliss!).

Fast forward to mid-February, and the aftermath of doing POOL tradeshow, LVEO's first trade show ever. We were so proud of our booth, and all the prep we hustled on to get ready... Media kit? Check. Line sheet/wholesale catalog? Check. Mannies and Fannies galore? Check one, check two, check 20! So many butts!

The Mannies and Fannies, La Vie en Orange's beloved mannequins |

Our road to Vegas was glitter bombed with sleepless nights, endless pots of coffee, a basement full of fumes from staining all the Mannies and Fannies, headaches from said fumes, and lots of giggles about all the Mannie and Fannie alliteration:

  • A box full of butts
  • A trunk full of trunks (when they were in transit)
  • A basement full of booties
  • A table full of tushes

We could keep going... :)

But maybe instead you should join us? Comment below if you've got a good one... There maybe a prize involved for the best... ;)

La Vie en Orange's booth at POOLTRADESHOW in Las Vegas, NV, February 2016 |

We rolled in to Vegas a little travel weary (I mentioned those sleepless nights), made a very very very very very bright booth, delighted many a passer-by with our wares, met some amazing shop owners, surprisingly enjoyed Vegas (although I was asleep by 8:30p most nights. I was wiped!), and masterminded some pretty exciting men's advertisements on take out containers. Undersecretary and first gentleman Zac gets all the credit for those.

Undersecretary and First Gentleman was the mastermind in charge of marketing LVEO's new men's line. | La Vie en Orange

Since getting back home, we've been hustling on follow up and delivering orders... And my body gave out.

I've been really sick, and basically ended up taking mid-February through mid-March off, only doing necessary production and napping. So many naps. Which wasn't planned, but was much needed.

So now I feel like Punxsutawney Phil (Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday...), coming out to find a glorious spring, after a mini-hibernation!

It feels so good to be back in the swing of things, and to catch you up on everything I've been up to. I'd love to hear how you're making the transition to spring this year. Comment below, or drop me a line at (I always reply!).

And I can't wait to show you more of what I've been up to :)

We've got big plans for this month:

  • LVEO turns 5! 5?!?!? 5. And so we'll celebrate with our biggest giveaway of the year, and some other goings on... Stay tuned!
  • Come meet our newest mini-collection, Ship Shape. Check women's and men's out here
  • Are you working your way up to any spring cleaning? Our annual sale on turning your favorite-but-unworn into your new favorite undies is coming!
  • And planning this summer's mini-collection... Is there anything you're dying to see on your own booty, or the booty of a loved one? Some of our most beloved prints were clients' ideas (the period undies, the chakras...). Comment below, or drop me an email ( with your brilliant idea.

And we look forward to seeing you, whether it's in a reply, on the interwebs, or in person...


Groundhog Kori

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April 13, 2016

Thank you so much, Kate! We had a blast, and I’m so glad to be feeling better too… :) I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


April 13, 2016

You guys are so funny! I’m glad you’re feeling better!

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April 11, 2016


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