Your underwear and I need to talk...

Kori Jock, founder and Cheek Executive Officer of La Vie en Orange

I just want to make sure it's making you happy, that it fits like a glove (or a really fantastic fitting pair of underwear), and that it's making your bottom look as great as it should. Oh, and is it saving the world too? The underwear I make and want to share with you does all that... and more.  

- Kori Jock, Cheek Executive Officer 

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Groundhog Day Eve & Return of the Mack. Naturally.

February 01, 2018

Glitter Groundhog - Happy Groundhog Day, Love La Vie en Orange |

It's been a minute! I hope this finds you well and wearing your most comfy undies.

Things have been quiet around La Vie en Orange, but as you might remember Groundhog Day is my favorite holiday (it's just so random and ridiculous), so this seemed like the perfect time to come out of my proverbial hole and say hello.

The last year has been a roller coaster, and I've missed you. I hope you haven't missed me- that you've been enjoying undies that fit well and make you feel great, and that this hello feels like a long lost friend.

Owning a business is hard. I took a big risk in 2016 and it didn't pay off.

Undies Love Letters

February 14, 2017

Love letters to underwear [4 undies clad girls running in a field] | La Vie en Orange

Last week we posted tips for letting your sweetie or bestie or anyone special in your life know you care with a (platonic or otherwise) love letter.

And this week, we celebrate the love in our collective life:  love letters clients have written to us about their undies. Or our service. Or just us being us. ;)

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