Your underwear and I need to talk...

Kori Jock, founder and Cheek Executive Officer of La Vie en Orange

I just want to make sure it's making you happy, that it fits like a glove (or a really fantastic fitting pair of underwear), and that it's making your bottom look as great as it should. Oh, and is it saving the world too? The underwear I make and want to share with you does all that... and more.  

- Kori Jock, Cheek Executive Officer 

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Image credit:  Kaitlin LaMoine Photography



2017 - The Year to Watch... Us!

January 05, 2017

We couldn't be more thrilled to have been included in Factory 45's round up of sustainable fashion projects to watch in 2017! Aaaaaand... The Huffington Post picked it up too!

Huffington Post | 6 Experts Reveal the Sustainable Fashion Projects to Watch in 2017

Less stress, more shining. 10 ideas for 5 minute self-care

December 07, 2016

4 undies clad girls carry hula hoops in a field; overlay text reads "10 ideas for 5 minute self care" | La Vie en Orange

Are you feeling it too?

Even with all its lights and glitter and shiny things, there can also be a lot of pressure during the holiday season. The family obligations, the work parties, finding thoughtful gifts, decorating, baking, to send or not to send cards...

My brain has already turned to mush. I find myself searching for words (that thing that I'll think of in ten minutes...), sometimes struggling with simple tasks or simple logic (a + b = c. No really. It does.), and generally pushing back the creeping, aggressive overwhelm that's lurking most places I turn. So what's a person to do?

Well, this week we share 10 of my favorite free mini acts of self-care. I guarantee you can bust any of them out in 5 minutes or less to ease the holiday brouhaha. The first one only takes like 4 seconds, and I've done no fewer than 7 today already...

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