Your underwear and I need to talk...

Kori Jock, founder and Cheek Executive Officer of La Vie en Orange

I just want to make sure it's making you happy, that it fits like a glove (or a really fantastic fitting pair of underwear), and that it's making your bottom look as great as it should. Oh, and is it saving the world too? The underwear I make and want to share with you does all that... and more.  

- Kori Jock, Cheek Executive Officer 

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New! It's Like a Salad Bar in Your Pants

October 20, 2016

Fruit Salad Handmade Underwear by La Vie en Orange

New for fall! Our Loom (womb?) Fruits and Veggies!

Veggie Tails Handmade Underwear by La Vie en Orange



[Free Download] In pursuit of happiness & perfectly fitting jeans

October 13, 2016

Sick of hating life when you have to go shopping for jeans? Play "Dreaded Denim Shopping BINGO" instead! Because fun is always better than not-fun. | La Vie en Orange

Your palms are sweating. You can feel the dank yellow fitting room light washing over you. You're certain there's a headache coming on. You just want it to be over already.

But you haven't even left the house yet.

It's just that you need a pair of jeans. So badly that you'll submit yourself to trying on 14,000 pairs with the hopes of finding just one that's the perfect combination of rise, length, butt to hip ratio, wash and price. There are so many jeans in the world, there's got to be one pair that will fit you, right?

By the by, it's not you. It's definitely the jeans. This 2003 study looked at 1,000 size 4 pairs of jeans and found as much as 8.5" difference in waist sizes.1 8.5 inches.

But how did we get here? Why on earth is finding a pair of jeans (or any piece of clothing, really) so flipping difficult? And is there a way out?

This week on the blog, the history of sizing (it's more interesting than you might guess), and BINGO cards to take with you the next time you go denim shopping. Because if we can't fix the sizes, at least we can make a game out of something that everyone hates ;) Living la vie en orange, and all...

Size Chart