Ship Shape - Herringbone Handmade Compression Wear

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Whether you're laying tile (weekend projects!), sewing a kid's costume, or just suiting up in your favorite wool pants (herringbone on herringbone? Yes, please!), wear these tessellated tiles whenever you feel like you're exactly where you should be. The undies'll stay put, and you'll forget about them from the moment you put them on, so you can get back to making the world your oyster.

These undies have got your back, literally, and we'll make them just for you.

  • You'll get more coverage, support, compression, and concealment because they're cut for your anatomy, from a wider crotch to more generous leg holes. Hike them up, tug on them if you need to, but they're not really going anywhere after you get them on...
  • Why choose between comfort and concealment? These are 100% cotton, made from repurposed tshirt, but still provide concealment thanks to their fully-lined front panel. They might be the best everyday undie you'll find!
  • Wedgies are practically impossible in their fuller Hipster or Brief styles
  • Eco-Friendlier Materials: 100% cotton thrifted tshirt (the colors might vary slightly but I promise they will do the day justice), unbleached elastic, water-based screen print inks
  • Hot Booty Guarantee:  Undies don't fit on the first try? Let me know and we'll do alterations or make an exchange. Anything to make these your new favorites! 
  • Check out the Fit page to find your perfect size 

Your undies, hand cut, hand screen printed and handmade to your specifications will be on their way to you within 14-21 days.

Questions? Just email. :)

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