Rock on! "The Boss" Women's Handmade Underwear

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You're not bossy, you're the boss. And sometimes you just need a gentle reminder. Wear these bossy pants for a dose of inspiration when you need it most:  asking for the promotion, owning the test, divvying up the stuff, or closing the deal. You've got this. You are THE BOSS. Also, Tony Danza jokes. :)

  • Wedgies are practically impossible in their fuller hipster style
  • A fully-lined front panel ensures you'll be able to wear these for years to come
  • Eco-friendlier materials: 100% cotton thrifted tshirt (the color might vary a little depending on what's available), unbleached elastic, water-based screen print inks 
  • Hot Booty Guarantee:  Undies don't fit on the first try? Let me know and we'll do alterations or make an exchange. Anything to make these your new favorites! 
  • Check out the Fit page to find your perfect size 

Your new undies, hand cut, hand screen printed and handmade to your specifications will be on their way to you within 3-4 weeks.

Click here to check out the set, or "I've Got This," and [Kicking Butt] "& Taking Names."

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