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Cancer (June 22-July 23):  If one is junk mail and ten is a hand written love letter, get ready for a soaring heart, Cancer because fresh flowers and tomes filled with confessions of undying love are coming. Leave your shell at home and follow your intuition. Your gut knows you better than you know yourself sometimes. If it feels right, it is right, even if it's scary or hard or what will people think? You might be scared of being wrong, but if you look really really closely, could it be that you're even more scared of being right? Step into the spotlight and own it. You've got this.

While this horoscope is completely unsound astrologically, don't you think it's pretty fun anyway? And these undies are totally sound. 

Channel your crab power and hang on to your best horoscopes in these undies. We'll make them especially for you.

  • Wedgies are practically impossible in their fuller boy-cut  
  • A fully-lined front panel ensures you'll be able to wear these for moons to come
  • Eco-friendlier materials: 100% cotton thrifted tshirt (the color might vary a little depending on what's available), unbleached elastic, water-based screen print inks 
  • Hot Booty Guarantee:  Undies don't fit on the first try? Let me know and we'll do alterations or make an exchange. Anything to make these your new favorites! 
  • Check out the Fit page to find your perfect size 

Your new pair of undies, hand cut, hand screen printed, and handmade just for you, will be on their way within 1-2 days.Check out the rest of the zodiac here.

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