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Picture, if you will, a clothesline you'd flaunt for the neighbors. One that would make them smile and embrace public laundry.

Picture filling your underwear drawer with undies that will last for yearsmake you smile when you put them on and take them off, and replace some of those snaggle undies that should no longer see the light of day...

Picture the happiest underwear drawer you've ever seen. Filled with bright colors, quirky prints, and happy, eco-friendly, handmade-in-the-USA karma.

Imagine getting a package every month for your package. With a surprise pair of undies inside, in your size, that fit perfectly.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

It can totally be yours when you join the La Vie en Orange Underwear of the Month Club!

How does it work? Choose a 3, 6 or 12 month membership from the drop down menu above. Or, click here to be taken directly to PayPal for a month-to-month subscription (with free shipping and the 20% birthday discount already factored in!); you'll just be charged once a month for as long as you want to be a member. Your first pair of undies will come in the third week of the month following your sign-up.

Perks.  As a member of the Underwear of the Month Club, you are afforded certain awesomeness:

  • A membership card.  You are a card-carrying member after all!  :)
  • Prints that are yours, all yours for six months - the Undies of the Month prints don’t make any appearances in my online shop or Etsy shop until six months after you've been loving them.
  • Specific months dedicated to spring cleaning: members will be able to send me their favorite loved but unworn tshirt and I’ll make that month’s undies out of it
  • The chance to have your idea for a print grace a month’s underwear. Members will also be able to vote on what prints they’d like to see sent their way from time to time

About the undies.  We make your new favorite pair of underwear out of a thrifted loved, but unworn tshirt.  Their brief style provides tons of support and wants to make your bum look great. The fly is fully functional, and since they're made from tees, these puppies are gonna last a long time. :) Elastic is unbleached and screen print inks are water based for an eco-friendlier alternative to something you put on every day!  To learn more about me and to read my Underwear Manifesto (yep, I wrote a manifesto.  About underwear.  :)), click here.

What about fit?  To determine your size, check out the Fit page, and please be in touch with any questions. With my Hot Booty Guarantee, you are assured a perfectly fitting pair of undies! After you receive your first pair, I'll follow up to find out how they fit. If they fit like a glove, awesome- I'll keep sending the same size for as long as you're a member and as long as that size continues to fit. If the fit is off at all, we'll email back and forth a bit to figure out how to move forward. I'm happy to provide any necessary alterations and keep those notes for your future pairs, or, if you'd just like a minor tweak on future pairs, I'm happy to do that too. If the fit is totally off, I'm happy to exchange the pair you received for the correct size. My hope is that each month you'll get a pair of undies that fit like a glove and that put a smile on your face!

When will they come?  Undies are mailed the third week of the month; your first life-changing shipment will arrive the month after you sign up. Order several months at a time, or purchase a monthly subscription: a monthly charge will appear on your credit card for this subscription until your membership is cancelled. All Upitees are shipped via United States Postal Service, first class. Delivery confirmation, including a tracking number, is included to addresses in the United States.  If you live outside of the United States but would still like a tracking number/delivery confirmation, please let me know:  I'll follow up with a new shipping quote that includes tracking.

Sharing the love.  Members also have the added benefit of trading any month of their membership for a gift certificate to our online shop.  Just email me by the end of any month to skip the next month's shipment and give a great birthday present, a just-because-these-underwear-are-fantastic present, or around the holidays. You decide!

I want to give this subscription as a gift. What do I do?  Awesome! Part of the welcome email when you subscribe will ask if this is a gift, and if so, for the recipient's contact information. I'll follow up by emailing or sending you a certificate to share with the lucky member!

How do I leave the Club?  Sad day! Just email me to let me know that you're no longer interested in being a member. I'll miss you, but hope you'll be back someday. :) If you've already paid for the next month's undies, I'll send that pair and then cancel your membership. If your payment for the next month's undies hasn't yet been processed, I'll cancel your membership prior to its being processed. If you prepaid your subscription (like the 3, 6, or 12 month listings above), unfortunately, I'm unable to refund it, but I'm happy to transfer any portion onto another happy underwear wearer. :)

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