Your underwear and I need to talk...

Kori Jock, founder and Cheek Executive Officer of La Vie en Orange

I just want to make sure it's making you happy, that it fits like a glove (or a really fantastic fitting pair of underwear), and that it's making your bottom look as great as it should. Oh, and is it saving the world too? The underwear I make and want to share with you does all that... and more.  

- Kori Jock, Cheek Executive Officer 

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Bizzie Smalls to the Rescue

November 27, 2015

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Matching undies that do good!

November 21, 2015

  It's so easy to talk about shelters and domestic violence and homelessness as these nebulous things, these institutions.  What's so much harder and can be overwhelming is remembering or trying to process that there are women, individuals, using these services, and experiencing these hardships. Looking at a women's shelter's wishlist can be heartbreaking. But coming together to help out, that's a pretty fabulous thing.  And it just so happens that it is the time of year that you and I come together to support these women in our communities.  Undies for Undies For the fifth year in a row, for every pair of underwear you purchase through the end of the year, La Vie en Orange will donate a pair to a...

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